Sharing audio online

The quickest way to share your audio with anyone else instantly, and privately is by using the "Get shareable link" feature in Sodaphonic. Once you're done editing your audio, simply click "File" then "Get shareable link". Once you've entered a title and hit "Share", you'll be give a unique and private url to your audio file. Only other people you give this url to will be able to hear your audio clip.

Once someone receives your link, you don't have to worry about them installing any apps or having to create an account to listen. As long as they have a modern browser then they'll be able to hear you audio clip with no problem whatsoever.

Share your clip with the whole is good too! If you want your audio to be heard by anyone, feel free to share your link of Facebook or Twitter or wherever. But just so you know, once you share the link, you can't make your audio private again, so be careful!

Here's one we made earlier!

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